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  • How much does the app cost?
    An Olivia Premium subscription costs 109 SEK/10 USD a month. The subscription is charged in your local currency - check the app to see the correct price for your location. First time user? You can try the first 7 days completely for free.
  • How do I subscribe to the Olivia app?
    You can download the Olivia app from the Appstore. Once you’ve downloaded the app, the next step is to create an account. To begin a subscription, click on the Lock icon on any article or program. On the following screen, choose whether you want a monthly or yearly subscription. Then, click on ‘Subscribe’. Confirm your subscription in the Appstore. You can head back to the Olivia app once you’re done. If you have any further questions about the sign-up process, you can email us at and we’ll get back to you asap. First time user? You can try the first 7 days completely for free.
  • How do I redeem a discount code?
    You can redeem discount codes in the app. Click on the Lock icon on an article or program in the app. You’ll be taken to the Premium screen. On this screen, you’ll see the monthly and annual subscription prices. You will also find the ‘Redeem code’ button (underneath ‘Subscribe’ and to the right). On the Redeem page, enter the code and click 'Redeem'. Finally, confirm your subscription in the Appstore. Now you’re all set and ready to enjoy the app.
  • How do I cancel or change my subscription?
    There is no notice period when using the Olivia app, so you can cancel your subscription anytime. This includes if you are using a discounted subscription. To cancel your subscription, head to ‘Settings’ then ‘Manage your subscription’. Click on your active subscriptions, then click on ‘Cancel’. In Settings, you can also adjust your subscription from monthly to yearly, or vice versa.
  • How does Olivia work?
    Olivia is an app that aims to help you understand the connection between your menopause symptoms and lifestyle habits. You can track your symptoms and habits, as well as understand the connection between them. As well as follow tailormade programs specifically created to ease tedious menopause symptoms, created by leading experts and specialists in the field.
  • How can I download Olivia?
    You can download the Olivia app by clicking on the download button on our website, or by searching in the App Store for “Olivia - Menopause support”.
  • How do I know what symptoms to track?
    When you first login to the app, first go to "Assessment", where you will answer questions according to the GCS (Greene Climacteric Scale), which is a verified measurement tool used by practitioners worldwide. This gives you better insight over your current symptoms and how they may be affection your daily life. This also helps you to first understand what symptoms you may benefit from tracking. By clicking on the blue plus button on homescreen, choose body or mind depending on what you wish to first start tracking, and add on from that list your most reacquiring symptoms you wish to keep track of. We recommend you start with tracking about 3-5 symptoms.
  • Should I also track my habits?
    Yes, we do recommend you to track your daily habits as they have a big impact on your symptoms. This helps you to understand what could be the affecting your symptoms both short term as well as long term.
  • How do I track?
    After you have picked your symptoms and habits, you can track them every day by clicking on the symptoms in the tracking field. You will then be asked how intense the symptoms were that day, or will ask for an amount, for instance how many cups of coffee you drank.
  • Can I also track my period and spotting/bleeding?
    At the moment you cannot track any menstruation/bleeding/spotting, but it is one of the features we are working hard on making perfect for you! Stay tuned.
  • How do I read more about the different symptoms?
    In tracking, if you click on one of the symptoms, you will find a little circle with a question mark in it on the top left corner. There you find a short information about the symptom.
  • How do I see insights in my habits and symptoms?
    After you track a symptom, a graph for each sign will appear under the insights tab. You can compare this to your habits by clicking on the specific habit under the graph. Usually it takes a few days of tracking to get valuable insights in how a habit is influencing your symptoms.
  • Where do you get your information from?
    All the information provided in the Olivia is based on scientific research and approved by our medical specialists. The references to the research can be found under every article in the Olivia app.
  • How many symptoms can I track?
    Currently there are 34 symptoms to track in the app. You can track as many as you want, but we recommend starting with 3-5. If there are any other symptoms that you are experiencing please feel free to reach out to us with feedback on .
  • What if I have missed to track one day?
    You have the option to still track for previous days. Under the tracking tab, you can use the calendar function at the top to go to the day you want to track for, and fill it out the previous days information.
  • Can’t find what you are looking for?
    We hope that answers all your questions! If you have any more FAQs, send a quick email our way to and we’ll be sure to answer it.
  • Which devices do you support?
    The Olivia app is available on mobile devices or tablets and requires iOS (v.13 or later). We are planning to support Android devices in the future.
  • Which languages do you support?
    At the moment, the Olivia app is available in Swedish and in English, but we are planning to add more languages in the future.
  • How do I change my email address?
    When logged in to the app, go to the Settings tab on the top right on home screen. Click on the current email address, and a screen will pop up where you can register your new email address. Do keep in mind that once you change your email address, you cannot login to the Olivia app anymore with the old email address. If you forgot your email when you logged out of the app, please contact support at so we can help you out.
  • How do I change my password?
    When logged in to the app, go to the settings tab at the top right on homescreen and click on “Password”. A screen will pop up where you can register your new password. If you are logged out and forgot your password, you can click on “Forgot password” at the login screen and type in your email address, which will send you an email to reset the password.
  • How do I log out of the app?
    When logged in to the app, go the settings tab at the top right on home screen, and click on Logout.
  • How do I know my information is safe?
    To access the Olivia app, login with username and password is required. It is your responsibility to ensure that login information is kept safe and not shared with others. The login process is entirely encrypted and no information is sent in non-encrypted form. More information on how we store your data can be found in our our Privacy Policy (Link:
  • How do I delete my account?
    If you wish to delete your account, go to Settings on homescreen, scroll down to the bottom where you find "Delete account". Remember, if you delete your account all your data is removed and you can not get it back.
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